Big Home Seller Mistakes

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A recent survey of real estate agents by ActiveRain points out that there are certain mistakes that sellers tend to make that should be avoided.

1. Overpricing
Real estate agents could suggest a price based on comparable homes, but they’re not the ones to set the market. Putting your home on the market with an overpriced tag to see if you can catch anyone is a big mistake for two reasons. One, nobody would want to pay more than need to. And two, the first week of being on the market is when a house gets the most attention. If your home is overpriced then, you will be turning away many buyers. Reducing the price later will not get as much attention.

2. Not enough showing availability
Serious buyers often want to see the house themselves. If they can’t see the inside, they could turn away. Buyers may want to see the house when it’s not a convenient time for sellers, but sellers need to know that they are taking a risk when they don’t accept the showing. The more people seeing the home the better.

3. Cluttered space
Buyers tend to imagine them living in the house when they go see homes. Clutter makes it difficult for them to vision how they would use the space, and the same goes with personalized items such as your child’s art. They key is to let the buyers see how they can live in the house, so de-personalize and get rid of that clutter!

Of course, these are not the only mistakes sellers can make. For more information, you can go to

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