It’s a great time to refinance!

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I hope your summer is off to a fun start! Interest rates have fallen to 10 year lows. They are artificially low right now in part because the UK pulled out of the European Union.

This is a GREAT time to look at refinancing.

Why refinance…

  1. Convert to a shorter term loan to lower your overall interest paid.
  2. Get some cash out to pay off debt.
  3. Get some cash out to renovate your home.
  4. Secure a lower monthly home payment.

When you do refinance it is common to come out of pocket with no cash. If you are interested in seeing if refinancing makes sense to you, please email Amy Bonis – She will need the breakdown of your payment to figure things out, click here for a quick refinance worksheet.

These low rates will not last a long time, Call Amy to review your financial situation. (919) 414-4430