Ten Reasons to Buy New Construction

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In Wake County, new construction continues to show very little signs of decline in the near future. With only 10% of Cary undeveloped, builders desperately seek new tracts of land to develop subdivisions and or custom homes.

Here are 10 reasons to buy new construction.

  1. You have control over the design features.
  2. You can enjoy the updated features from day one of move-in versus buying an existing home and going the update-and-improvement route.
  3. Energy efficiency and “green construction” can be realized through energy  cost savings immediately.
  4. Enjoy lower maintenance costs as you will have builder, labor, material and manufacturer warranties from the beginning.
  5. Up to date fire detectors, smoke alarms, and security features can be hard wired into the new home which provides a higher level of safety and security.
  6. When planning for a new home, you can review the community amenities to determine if they are a good fit for your family.
  7. ALL NEW…the feeling that everything is new and unused makes you feel more confident about the quality of your purchases.
  8. Take advantage of new community financing options and perks if you elect to move within a certain time frame or select a certain “builder construction” package.
  9. Enjoy builder incentives for appliances, design, and build-out upgrades. In some cases builders will pay for some or all of your closing costs.
  10. In some cases, the builder allows you to change certain elements of the design while the construction is of your new home is underway.

Energy efficient (or “cheap bills”), up-to-date everything, design of your choice, no worry about near future renovation, and much more… sounds like a good deal to me!